Guest Posting

Hello, I am Asad Rajpoot founder of ‘CODEWITHASAD.ORG’.

We are opening a new source. How you can participate in the new source method of our site. This sourcing method is also called Guest Posting. There is some requirement for guest posting. If you fulfill these requirements then you can participate in our site.

Guest Posting Requirement:

    • 92+ Unique article
    • 1200+ words article
    • 1+ Image related to the article
    • 3+ Heading must be used in the article
    • Low Competition Keyword must be used


    • Blogging
    • Technology / AI, Programming, etc
    • Online Earning
    • Social Tricks
    • SEO
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Gaming

We will publish the article if your article fulfills our site niche/category.

Can we share our Affiliate link in the guest posting article?

Yes, not now. we will launch this Affiliate source in the upcoming few months.

How many Affiliate Links can we share in the guest posting article?

We will give you permission to share just one affiliate link in the article.

When the guest posting article will publish?

The article will be published within 2 days.

First, our team checks our requirements if your article fulfills our requirements then our team will publish your article within 2 days.

If the article does not fulfill our requirements then you will get an email soon within 2 days.

Will our site link be shared in our guest posting article?

Absolutely, your website link will be shared in your guest posting article.

Can we work with you for a long time? and Can we be a member of your team?

Absolutely, if we liked your work then we can make be a member of our team.

How can we participate in Guest Posting?

You can easily participate in our Guest posting. Send your guest posting article and your website link in the email.

Email us: [email protected]

Thanks! Best of Luck

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