How to Summarize Texts of an Article to write a conclusion?

Indeed, it is not easy to write the conclusion of an article. The conclusion is basically the summary of the complete article and must highlight the main idea in a short, clearer way. Thus, it must be strategically written.

It can be more challenging to summarize an article if the content is written in another language. In such a case, there is no better solution than a multilingual summarizing tool.

If you are a foreign language user then you have reached the right spot. Here you will find the way to use multilingual summarizing tools that can summarize texts in any language without any errors.

Most importantly, we will provide you with some quick ways that you can easily follow to summarize the text of any article and write a perfect conclusion (with and without using a tool).

Let’s move forward to find out how to summarize an article to write its conclusion with ease.

1.  Read out the article thoroughly

Read over and over again until you get a clear understanding of the content’s intent. Yes, this is the most important key to summarizing an article effectively.

You can summarize an article only if you are familiar with its main ideas. Thus, you need to read the article thoroughly before starting out.

You need to read it comprehensively but you can use skim and scanning to read with more efficiency. Anyhow, make sure not to miss any main points while you skim the content.

It would be better if you not only read your own article but go through the articles of other writers written on the same topic. This will significantly help you understand the intent better and grab some good language choices.


2.  Take advantage of the AI Text Summarizer

You can write the conclusion of the article in the best way possible if you simply leverage AI technology.

There are many summarizing tools that quickly shorten the article to provide you with its summary. You can get help from an AI text summarizer to conclude your article.

There are many tools available that claim to summarize with accuracy and efficiency. However, only a few of them works well.

Therefore, you need to be cautious while choosing the right tool for your article.

It becomes much more challenging when you need your article in another language.

Obviously, your article will be in your native language. In such a case, you can take advantage of a multilingual summarizing tool.

Yes, you can use a text summarizer that can summarize your article in any required language. You can specify your language and use it to your advantage with a single push of a button.

3.  Learn from competitors

If you want to write the best conclusion for your article without the help of AI then you need to learn from your competitors. Research your article’s topic to analyze how other writers have concluded their articles.

This is like reviewing relevant samples to understand the requirements. You read other authors and find multiple ways to summarize your article. In this way, it will become much easier for you to write a conclusion.

You will not only gain insights into how other writers craft conclusions (on the same topic) but you will get to discover new words that you can use in your article.

This is indeed the best hack!

4.  Highlight the important parts

Once you are done with the reading part, you need to move on to the next step. For sure, by reading the article, you must have gained a firm understanding of “the main ideas”.

Now, you need to highlight the sentences that express the main ideas of your article.

This is indeed a challenging task but, you can do it easily if you know the intent. You just need to underline the parts of the article that explicitly and directly address the subject matter.

Thus, you need to highlight the parts that specifically relate to the topic and answer the reader’s queries. This means that you just need to highlight the sentences that contain the most important and required information.

Make sure not to highlight any parts that contain unnecessary information.


5.  Extract all key points

When you are done highlighting all the important parts of your article, you need to narrow them down to a few key points.

You have all the important parts of your article “highlighted” in front of you. Read them carefully to extract the phrases and sentences that more specifically and clearly relate to the topic.

This means that you need to filter out fewer sentences that you can use to summarize your article. The summary of your article will be a compilation of the key points you draw from it. So, be cautious about pulling out the key points.

Each key point must be important and free from baffling.

6.  Connect the main ideas

When you are done extracting all the parts that highlight the main ideas, you need to focus on connecting them with each other.

If you want to summarize the article in the form of a passage then, it is important for you to maintain a coherent text flow in the conclusion.

The ideas and words used to express the ideas must be logically and consistently connected with each other. Or else, the readers will not be able to read it with ease.

In order to save your readers from confusion, you must connect all the main ideas in a way that is clear, creative, and easy to understand.

It would be best if you use transition markers to connect words and ideas in your conclusion.

Keep in mind that you need to use these markers only when you are writing the conclusion in a descriptive way.

If you conclude your article using pointers then you should avoid using transition words.

7.  Keep it short and simple

The conclusion of your content must be brief so that the readers can easily grab the main idea of the article.

The readers often jump to the conclusion part of the article because it summarizes the whole article in a very concise manner. The more concise it is, the more it will be easy to understand.

Thus, when you write the conclusion of your article, your focus should be on presenting all the main ideas in the form of a short, clearer passage.

The wording should be to-the-point and all the main ideas of the article must be explicitly incorporated in the conclusion.

Bottom Line

Summarizing an article to write a conclusion is all about “how well you extract the key points and then connect them to create a short passage that directly highlights the central idea”.

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