What is the difference between Update Vs Upgrade? complete information

Hello! Friends welcome to your Hindi help zone blog and today we will know what is Update? And what is an upgrade? And also know what is the difference between Update Vs Upgrade?

If you use a smartphone then you Update and Upgrade but there are very few people who update and upgrade.

But there are many people who do not know the difference between these two, consider them both to be the same, so today we will tell about this, what is the difference between Update and Upgrade? because there is a big difference between the two.

Complete information about Update and Upgrade

If we talk about the difference between these two, then Update has to be done in an application, whereas Upgrade, the entire system of your smartphone or computer changes.

Many times in your smartphone you update the application, which means that your application is now out of date and you have to update the new application in that new application you will get to see more fisher than before.

At the same time, in the upgrade, the entire system of your smartphone or computer changes. Now, what do we update? And what is an upgrade? Let us understand in full detail what is the difference between Update and Upgrade? If you will understand well, then let’s know the complete information about Update and Upgrade.

What is an Update?

You people must have seen many times that sometimes update the application and when you update that application or software in your mobile, then you get to see a lot of improvement in that application.

Update your mobile’s software is done either in your mobile’s application and the reason for updating is that you get more features in that application than before.

Whenever you update an application, it is done only to add a new feature to that application, some changes are made in it, some new options are added, and by updating the application, your smartphone’s operating system. There will be no changes in

time to time updates by the author of the application is that the people using that application get better performance than before because people do not face any problem while using that application or operating system. So what is meant by friend update? Now let’s understand about the upgrade.

3- What is an upgrade?

If we talk about upgrade then it is done in the operating system. The way you use operating systems like Jellybean, KitKat, Nougat, Marshmallow on your mobile, then you get the option of upgrading here.

For Example: If you use Android’s Nougat operating system on your mobile and if you want to use Android’s new operating system in your mobile, then at such a time you have to upgrade your mobile’s system.

And as soon as your system is upgraded, then the system of your mobile will change completely. And if you do the same process on the computer as well, then you will see similar changes there too.

If you use Windows 7 on your computer and you want to use the new operating system of Windows in your computer, then at such a time you will have to upgrade the system of your computer.

So the upgrade is generally done in the operating system. And upgrading, the system of your computer or mobile changes completely.

What is the difference between Update and Upgrade?

If we talk about updates, then you have to do any application either in software, whereas upgrade to be done in any operating system.

If you have installed an application and you want to update it, then you can update it for free, that you will not need to pay any money and if you upgrade want will pay not does want to upgrade your computer to the latest version of Windows, then you will have to pay for upgrading to that new operating system and as far as the application of software updates have to pay for update has no effect on the operating system of the smartphone, whereas upgrading the system uninstalls all the applications.

Upgrading is a very difficult task, only experts can do it and anyone can update.

So now you must have known that the update remains of any software or application and the upgrade of the entire operating system.


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