What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?

Friends, in this article you will read What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work? Do so, in very good ways, you are going to learn What is Email Marketing? and How does it Works?. I will not waste much time, I will do so as to best I can explain in less time.

If you check your email well every day, then you will be able to see some emails throughout the day that are not of your use or are similar to what you do.

Suppose you are a student, then you are getting an email from an e-book, then you have to understand that someone has sent you this email through email marketing What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?.

What is Email Marketing?

Well, you are getting to know from both the words Email and Marketing that anything is marketed through Email. Now, this thing can also be a Product or a service.

Let us know What is Email Marketing? and How does it Works?.

Well, I have told you in the very beginning that your email comes and wipes it so that you are interested. If you are studying then you will get emails related to Ebook, Computer, Pen, or Pencil.

Or if you search on your internet that how to earn money online, then you will get to see such emails in which ways to earn money online have been told. Now, this method can be in text format or video format.

So many people have sold their products or services to you through email and if you see them or read them if you have something useful, then you can also buy it.

If seen around, then they are promoting their products through email.

Now the question may come to your mind how are they getting to know what I do? What am I interested in?

So today I am going to tell you openly what is email marketing and how to do email marketing absolutely free.

Email List For Marketing Free | What is Email Marketing?

Friends, email marketing is done in two ways, first free method and second paid method, but today we will learn more and more about free methods.

Like we will do email marketing of our blog post today, but even if you have some other product, keep moving forward because everyone’s method is the same.

First of all, you have to juggle thousands of emails for free because we want an email list for marketing free. For this, you open any one browser

Or () type the quotes and the code of the country whose email list is wanted is India, then only and is followed by space and after that, the people whose email id is needed, like a student and (“) bind the quotes.

After that, type @gamil.com and search again, now the result which will be shown in front of you is an email id inside each one of those results.

Well by default browser shows 10 results, but this will take a lot of time, so click on the setting icon on the right side of the browser and click on the search setting.

The search result showing 10 should be taken to 100 and scroll down the page to see that there is a button to show more under the select region, after clicking on it, you will see the full list of winning countries.

Now you have to select the country whose email you need. After that, as soon as you click on the Save button, after completing a Captcha, your work will be done.

Well now see 100 results are appearing on your search page. Select all by pressing ctrl+a and copy all by pressing ctrl+c.

Now open a new tab in the browser and type email extractor and search. Whichever the first result is coming, open it, see a box will appear.

Paste it into that box by pressing ctrl+v. And as soon as you press the Extract button at the bottom, only the list of Gmail IDs will appear in front of you.

Save email

Now start saving all the emails you have received in a notepad or google form.

You can get emails by doing different types of searches, and save them all in one place, it will be very useful for you in this feature.

You can send any product to all these emails anytime, so that’s why I am saying save these emails well and keep them.

What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?

Friends, after your email is collected, it comes to email marketing because many email marketing tools are available and all those tools have different prices, which you will have to pay.

Look well, where thousands of emails have to be dealt with at once, then you cannot deal with them one by one. So that’s why tools are needed.

And also know that you cannot deal with so many emails directly from Gmail because you can send 100 emails to 100 people in a day with one Gmail. So for this also a tool is needed.

But today we are talking about free Email Marketing? and How does it Works? like email marketing of blog posts will be done, so I think everyone definitely has some hosting. So you can create a professional Email Id inside those hosting. What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?

In any hosting, you can host by becoming more than one email. As I host a blog on Hostinger, I get more than one email to use.

But the problem comes to those people whose website is on Blogger, but do not worry, I will tell them the same.

What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?

What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?

How to Create Hosting Emails? What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?

To create an email inside friend hosting, you have to open C-Panel, if you use hosting, then you get to see Hpanel inside it. Which sounds almost the same.

From inside that, you have to click on the section of the email. If you have already made it, then you will get to see the bow. But if you are doing it for the first time, then the button Add New or Create will appear, you can create it comfortably by clicking on it.

Now this email will be created with your domain name ad like [email protected] is my email id for this blog. If you want, you can put anything else instead of your name in the beginning.

And yes, when you create the email, you will also have to create a separate password.

Now look at the right side a button is visible on the name of Webmail, as soon as you click on it, the login page of this mail will open in front of you. You will have to log in by entering your mail id and password.

After login, as we send Gmail, the interface will open, now your Id will appear in the top box, in the box below it, enter the Id to whom you want to send an email. You enter a second Gmail Id of your own in this box, then later you can see how the mail came. (What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?)

Below that, copy 100 Ids from the Gmail Id you had previously juggled with Google and paste them here in this box. Well definitely select it bcc select.

Friends, I feel that you are slowly understanding what is email marketing and what about email marketing?

The box which will come just below it has to be written well in that box, when your mail goes to the primary folder of the people, then both will be visible to the people. So write something like this so that people can open it.

Now you have to write an email well about your product. Write something like this inside it, as soon as it goes to the people, most of the people will open it. And write half in this place and write the rest lying and put a link below it.

If you want, put a small image as well and add a link inside it too. After the complete mail is well designed, click on the Send button below.

After a few minutes check your own Gmail, and you will be able to see these What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work? must have gone into the primary folder. If the mail is not in the primary folder, then next time the priority will have to be sent by setting it high.

Now in this way you can send up to 2000 emails for free in a day. So maybe you came to know how to use email marketing for free.

How to do Blogger Blog Post Marketing? What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?

Well, people who have to host, can do email marketing in this way, but people who do not have hosting, use Blogger, then people do email marketing of their blog posts.

Well there are many such email marketing tools whose small pack you can use in the frame, such as

  • mailchimp.com
  • Mailjet.com
  • Mailerlite.com
  • sendinblue.com
  • convertkit.com

Well, by using all these websites, you will be able to send free emails up to 50,000 a month. So people who have a website on Blogger must definitely take advantage of it. What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work?

Email Validation Tools

Friends, after collecting the email, there is one more thing called Email Validation. Out of all the emails that you have created in your list, there will be some emails that do not work on today’s date. So there is some such Email Validation Tools, with the help of which you can delete all those emails from your list.

  • ZeroBounce
  • MillionVerifier
  • MyEmailVerifier
  • DataValidation
  • xverify LLC

With the help of all these tools given above, you can filter Expire email together.

Note: Friends, whatever work you will do, do everything in the right way, as I have taught, do not choose any wrong path because blogging is also a business, too


Friends, in this article we have completely understood you What is Email Marketing? If you face any problems in reading this article What is Email Marketing? and How does it Work? then you can comment below we will read your comment and will give you an answer.

There is no need to think about anything, if you keep sending emails to people using it continuously, then you will definitely be able to bring more traffic, or even if there is a link to any sales, you will be able to do a lot more sales.

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