What is Storage Area Network? And How It Works

You must know very well about Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, Wild Area Network, Personal Area Network and you must have used them too but in today’s article I will not tell you about them but a new type of network.

I am going to tell you about what is a storage area network, before knowing about it, you need to know why it was needed and what are computer networks.

The biggest advantage of computer networks is for sharing of software and hardware resources. With the help of a network, we can share data from one computer to another very easily and can also use the data of another computer through a network.

Today we can share and access data in computers all over the world sitting at home, not only can we share data through the network, but we can also share hardware, you must have seen many times in big schools and colleges that a printer is used by many computers, in a company, a printer is connected to all the computers with the help of the network, if you have to buy separate printers for each computer, then there will be a loss of a lot of money, today you can email all over the world.

You can send, chat, make video calls, all this is due to the network, today the network has turned the whole world into a global village,

What is Storage Area Network?

Today, considering the increasing size of the data, it is difficult to store all the data on the server because the data has gone so much that today its size has been reduced to Tera Byte, so now we need to store the data on the local server. Network (SAN) is required. SAN is connected to all other types of networks whether it is LAN, WAN, or MAN, all have a connection to a large SAN machine.

A storage area network machine costs 50 lakhs of 10 lakhs. It can be up to rupees, so this SAN machine is used by big multinational companies or by government organizations like railways, banks, Doordarshan, etc. SAN machines not only store data but also manage data and data. This machine also does the management of transmission and speed etc. Data is stored on the SAN in such a way that the user does not even know whether the data is stored on the local server or stored on the SAN, using the network.

The operator cannot access the SAN directly because the SAN is installed separately from the common network, so only its administrators Only the administrator can access the entire network data can be stored and managed through SAN

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